Transforming livelihoods
with Digital Inclusion, Financial Inclusion

Informal sector is responsible for 95% of overall recycling volumes in India and yet they are underpaid, undervalued by society and exploited by the people up the value chain. We empower informal sector with the right technology tools, financial support that helps them lead a dignified life. 

Our Solutions

Informal Sector App

Recykal Informal Sector app helps waste pickers, kabadiwalas connect with aggregators, collections centers and enables them to carry out transactions with better value

Key Features

Better Value for

Connect directly with aggregators, collection centers. Transact with confidence and get better value for your collections

Guided Collection

Optimize your collection efforts, reduce time searching for buyers and work more efficiently

Receive Consistent
Online Payments

Get paid digitally, directly to your bank account. Make your income stream consistent.

Better Living

Get access to banking, insurance, health care schemes to safeguard you and your family members