Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) solutions

Manage EPR fulfillment digitally!

We help FCMG and electronics brands to fulfil their EPR obligations using tools like technology enabled takeback, awareness and compliance services that ensure transparency and traceability at every step

What is EPR?

EPR is a policy under which producers, brand owners and manufacturers take responsibility of collection, channelization and responsible disposal of the products and goods manufactured by them.
EPR involves setting up of collection mechanisms involving awareness, infrastructure and associations with recyclers for environmentally sound disposal processes.

What we offer?

Material fulfilment

  • Collection from consumers
  • Collection from bulk generators
  • Collection from informal sector

Awareness programs

  • Schools and colleges
  • Corporate offices         
  • Informal sector

Compliance management

  • EPR plan submission
  • Recycler agreements
  • Destruction and disposal certificate

Why Recykal?

Digital enabled material fulfilment
Customized awareness programs
Complete transparency & traceability
Dashboards to track collection efforts
End-to-end support

Brands we are working with

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