Reloop is a cross value chain alliance of plastic manufacturers, FMCG companies, retailers, recyclers that aims to eliminate the impact of post consumer plastic waste in the environment by technology enabled takeback and recycling programs.
The Plastic Waste Problem in India
9.25 million tons of plastics
enter waste streams
60% of plastic wastes are
recycled 40% goes to landfills
10 rivers contribute to 90% of
Global Oceanic plastic pollution
three of them are in India
9.22% of plastic waste in
overall MSW. It was only
0.66% in 1996
43% plastic waste attributed to
packaging materials
267 species affected
by plastic debris
Challenges for FMCG companies
Lack of consumer awareness and action
Transparency and Data Management
Poor cost economics
Lack of Reverse Logistics Systems
Lack of coordination & communication between stakeholders
Increased enforcement, scrutiny by the government
Reloop leverages Digital Technology to
mobilize stakeholder actions for improved
recovery and recycling rates
Our technology powered 'Cross channel' take back programs
Take back from
Takeback from
Informal Sector
Take back from
Bulk Generators
Reloop aims to drive change through collaboration of corporations, government bodies, innovators, thought leaders, recyclers who work towards a common vision to accelerate the use of plastics
from linear to a more sustainable circular economy
Who can be part of it
Any brand, producer using plastic for product packaging
Food and
Health and
Personal Care
Milk and Dairy
Milk and Dairy
Waste to
Energy, Fuel plants
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