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Demand and supply
Recyclers today find it extremely challenging to locate the supply for recyclables even though supply by itself is not a problem. The issue lies in identifying the source of supply for the recycler.
Locating the
required material
While supply of recyclables is abundant, aggregators require category specific material to process, which is always a challenge
Extending offers
for bulk purchase
Recyclers often provide incentives for bulk purchases or for consistent supply assurances. However, recyclers find it hard to convey this to prospective sellers of dry recyclables
purchase prices
There is tremendous volatility in prices of dry recyclables and recyclers find it hard to disclose updated and daily prices to their sellers
traceability of inflow
of recyclables
Currently, recyclers are not able to trace the inflow of materials which would potentially allow them to optimize their business operations and improve output recovery
How it works
Bid and Buy Material of
Digital Payments with
Document Repository
Visibility into Daily
Price Trends
Consistent supply of material
We assure you a consistent supply of materials to enable you to match your capacity. You do not need to worry about running your facility at less than full operational capacity
Ability to bid and buy
Our aggregation benefits allow you to bid for the material by category and as per lot sizes
to suit your immediate needs
Optimize purchase costs
Give the aggregation benefits and the ability for you to identify your closest source of supply, you are now able to minimize transportation costs and reduce overall costs
Digital payments and reconciliation
You no longer need to worry about the pile-loads of paperwork and lack of clarity on payments/accounts settlements with digital payments and instant reconciliations