Recykal DRS Solution

Cloud based solution that helps Governments,  Smart Cities to deploy and manage DRS schemes digitally with an app based collection, payments mechanism

What is a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)

DRS (Deposit Return Scheme / Deposit Refund Scheme) is a system that incentivizes the return of end of life products (packaging, electrical, electronics products) through a refundable deposit. The consumers pays a deposit while buying the product and receive the amount back when they return the product, packaging to the retailer, authorized drop point. The collected materials are sent to authorized recyclers and avoid entering informal channels. Consumers will forgo the initial deposit if they do not return the product.

Key Features

Mobile app based collection system

End to to end mobile based solution for consumers, collection points

UPI payments

Make UPI based payments to customers

QR code based data capture

Quick way to capture and validate transaction data

Dashboards & Reports

Get complete visibility in the collection, payment statuses

Benefits of DRS

Make segregation a habit for consumers

Reduce material recovery, EPR costs

Increased recycling rates in the ecosystem

Prevent leakage of plastics, e-wastes into the environment

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