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Formalize. Formalize.
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Formalize. Formalize.
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Lack of financial security
Waste pickers and other processors do not get the platform to formalize and are devoid of access to loans, medical insurance and banking.
Low incomes
Low collection volumes translate into low incomes which do not allow waste pickers to earn better prices. Therefore, waste pickers are at the mercy of others who dictate prices.
Time & effort losses
Due to inefficient scheduling and assignment of pickups, waste pickers are constrained in their ability to optimize
and earn.
How it works
List Old Goods
Earn and Redeem
Know Your
Sustainability Impact
Enhanced liquidity
Avail real-time prices of all major categories of recyclables allowing waste pickers to improve operations and earn more.
Route optimization
Allows assignment of pick-up duly optimized for shortest travel time to allow waste pickers higher efficiency and therefore, higher income.
Better incomes
Various awareness programs, in-app incentives, and optimizations result in higher incomes for
waste pickers.
Access to formalization
SAllowing for much-needed services provided for by the formal economy such as banking, insurance, healthcare etc.