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Is Good!
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Tired of storing
unwanted stuff
Most people face an acute shortage of space due to the never-ending piles of old and used stuff lying at home
Suffer from hassle- prone
It’s a challenge to locate someone to pick up unwanted household recyclables by scheduling a pickup as per your convenience. This service is not available on demand.
No price
People are not aware of the right price for household recyclables. Also, the eighments are not standard leading to potential loss of
value for households.
Lack of instant
Without incentives, there is no push to segregate and to ensure that used materials enter the circular economy. Consumer behaviour won’t change without incentives
Unable to connect
with brands testing
models for circular
India’s popular consumer brands are taking circular economy seriously and want consumers to participate in this effort
Not able to create
any sustainability
Do you feel terrible about the mounting landfills and the oceans that are now choked? Are you able to contribute in the sustainability effort?
How it works
List Old Goods
Earn and Redeem
Know Your
Sustainability Impact
Instant exchange
100% redemption options available to exchange your old goods against a range of very attractive household products
Reliable single-click on-demand doorstep pickup
Scheduling a pickup could never be easier. Slot-based convenient pick-up options during the day are available for you
Earn from brand sponsored programs
Participate in exclusive take-back programs by India’s leading consumer brands
Earn & redeem
Earn attractive points against recyclables disposed of and redeem against an attractive range of products
Track your sustainability metrics
Become a sustainability champion. Track and share the environment impact created by you by exchanging your recyclables
Value Add services: Device
Valuation, Customer support
Register your product today, connect with brands for take back with attractive offers