The future of EPR fulfillment is here!

Plan, Manage, Track your Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) fulfillment process with the Recykal EPR Platform

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All you need to manage your EPR fulfillment
end-to-end !

Plan your targets

Set your EPR targets by type of materials, geographies

Manage your fulfillment partners

Assign targets to your service providers, PROs. Create, manage work orders.

Complete online documentation!

Manage and review documentation like delivery challans, weighbridge details, invoices, truck photos etc

Receive actionable alerts!

Get transaction notifications via SMS, email. Review items for your action!

Track fulfillment progress in Real Time

Get a birds eye view of fulfillment targets met, pending. Track status by items, geographic level

Key Benefits

End to end Traceability

Get visibility of the materials as they move from source to processors, recyclers

Reports & Compliance

Generate reports, other compliance documents as per CPCB norms

Digital Payments

Make payments to fulfilment partners, PROs through the platform

Role based Access

Configure the application as per your organizations needs, teams

Complete Digital Solution

Move away from the conventional paper based process

Brands we are working with

Get complete visibility into your
EPR fulfillment process. Schedule a Demo today!
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